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Kia-Ora Capsule offers multiple programs including:

Power Nap Program

Experience 30 minutes of powerful & refreshing power naps to relax and boost mental acuity, alertness and energy levels. Preemptively combat chronic low energy with a power nap in the Capsule which is the perfect atmosphere for napping.

Wellness Program

The Kia-Ora Wellness Capsule becomes the users’ very own private wellness sanctuary. Users can customize and control all the functions of their wellness experience, while experiencing soothing relaxation, from within the capsule.

Thermo Relaxation Program

The Kia-Ora Wellness Capsule is “The Ultimate Relaxation Wellness machine”. Thermo Relaxation provides soothing vibration massage with the ideal ambient temperature and personal environment to promote profound relaxation and relief from the stress of the modern day grind.

Thermo Fitness Program

Featuring FitBed™ The Kia-Ora Wellness Capsule can be used to improve fitness by persons of any age or fitness level. The Kia-Ora Wellness Capsule can help you create a healthier lifestyle and you can perform intense active thermal exercise (ATE) with the FitBed™ resistance bands for accelerated fitness, weight management, toning, firming, increased flexibility and energy.

Weight Management Program

The Kia-Ora Wellness Capsule total body wellness technologies help support holistic change for short and long-term weight management goals and maintenance. Sessions can be customized for overweight and out-of-shape individuals, for fitness beginners, and elite athletes. Weight management requires ongoing lifestyle coaching, nutrition, education and discipline.

Pain Management

Hyperthermic conditioning and vibration have shown to be very useful in treating chronic pain and inflammation. Enhance circulation by increasing the blood flow to the targeted area. Improve lymphatic drainage to reduce inflammation.

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