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Many body & neurological conditions benefit from Hyperthermic Conditioning (HC).

The method of whole body hyperthermic conditioning is to maintain the head cool and outside the heated body chamber, with the temperature of the Capsule body chamber set in a range from 168F to 192F (70C to 90C), while the patient lies in a supine position inside the body chamber.

The neurological condition methodology is constant and involves raising of the core body temperature to a range of 100 F to a maximum of 103F (37.8C to a maximum of 39.4C), during a minimum session of 30 minutes to a maximum of 60 minutes. If the desired maximum core body temperature of 103F (39.4C) is achieved, this temperature level should not be sustained for more than 30 minutes.

HC protocols consists of a minimum of 8 sessions (or more), to be administered at least 2x per week (or more – as often as possible) up to a daily 1x session regime.


Results: Cardiovascular improvements and blood flow for Increased fitness endurance.

Cleansing / Detox

Results: Clear waste and allow the body to rebalance its metabolism and clears toxic debris.


Results: Improved memory and mental sharpness through increased BDNF and HSP70 levels.


Results: Reduce Injury-Induced Oxidative Stress. Brain's lymphatic system flushes abnormal proteins.

Dementia / Alzheimer's

Results: Increased levels of BDNF, HSP70, endorphin levels, increased serotonin and mood regulators.


Results: Increased range of motion and blood flow in turn a decrease in joint and muscle stiffness.


Results: Improved awareness of your actions, better aptitude to live in the moment, mindfulness.


Results: Increased levels of BDNF & HSP70 to rejuvenate the brain for faster and better recovery.

Pain Relief

Results: Enhanced circulation and Lymphatic drainage to reduce the inflammatory response.

Power Nap

Results: Improved alertness and performance as your brain / body get rejuvenated quickly.

Pre-Post Adjustments

Results: The warmer the muscles and connective tissues, the greater the performance flexibility.

Rehab from Addiction

Results: Increased levels of BDNF is a regulator of drug addiction and psychological dependence.


Results: Improved sleep, mood, relaxation, and decreased stress through increase of serotonin.

Warm Up

Results: Increase blood flow, reduced muscle / joint soreness and decrease the risk of injury.

Weight Management

Results: Conversion of carbs and fats directly to energy is promoted. Better Metabolism.

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