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A soothing, relaxing environment is created inside The Kia-Ora Wellness Capsule via a combination of flowing, heated air together with radiant infrared Wavelengths.

While heating the air (like a traditional sauna) raises the temperature throughout the entire capsule, the infrared wavelengths directly warm the object inside the capsule – your body.

This unique combination of energized wavelengths creates the ultimate environment for which to enjoy a full body massage created by the action of the dual-wave vibration system built-in to the unit’s lounge.

Throughout the session the user has the ability to control the intensity and direction of the massage by selecting upper, lower or full body massage. They may also raise or lower the temperature to their desired level.

Since the head is outside the capsule, where cooling air keeps the user comfortable, they are able to enjoy the benefits of the high heat environment inside The Kia-Ora Wellness Capsule.

The experience may be further enhanced via a variety of aromatherapy options.

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